2010 Taipei International Flower Expo

Far East EcoArk 

Design by Miniwiz - Huang Qianzhi

The Far East Group has spent three years of research and development, manufacturing and constructing the 7 meter long, 6 meter wide, and 10 meter high Far East EcoArk. The R&D team put an emphasis on "Technology" and "Environmental Protection". It patented the POLLI-BRICK. It is the first Eco-friendly building in Taiwan to be featured on the National Geographic Channel. It was a joint effort to promote environmental protection concepts of resource recycling and sustainability to the world.

(Source: Tourism Communication Bureau, Taipei City Government)

After the expo is, the building parts can be dismantled and reorganized for reuse, which is in line with the spirit of reuse, recycling, and repurpose.

■ Low Carbon Emissions

■ Able to withstand strong typhoons in Taiwan

■ Able to withstand earthquakes

■ Resistant to possible fires

■ Complies with public building safety regulations

■ Does not use air-conditioning, instead uses a waterfall and spray system for cooling

■ A totally green energy building combining solar energy and LEDs

■ Built with 1.52 million PET bottles

The museum has seven world firsts:

  1. The most environmentally friendly building
  2. Build with 100% recycled products
  3. The first "carbon neutral building"
  4. The strongest and lightest translucent curtain system
  5. A combination of a smart curtain system and solar powered LED lighting
  6. All building materials were manufactured on site
  7. One of a kind pre-force module system used to enhance the lateral resistance of the building.

(Source: Far East Bank official website)

Woei Chern Enterprise Co., Ltd. is honored to participate in the production of exterior wall panels in 2010. A lot of effort was put in joint development, discussion, and improvements, to complete the composite exterior wall panels that are resistant to ultraviolet rays, wind, sun and rain.