Woei Chern specializes in manufacturing ABS; ABS materials have good surface hardness, good toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, and easy to process characteristics.

  • Moulds

  • Fax machine, telephone case

ABS plastic

Material scientific name:

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Product Category:

ABS sheet, ABS round rod, ABS round tube, ABS square tube, ABS square rod, ABS customized products, valet processing...


ABS is a copolymer of three raw materials, two ene, butadiene and styrene. It belongs to ethylene and is a general material. The impact resistance is better than PS, the best PC replacement product, mechanical strength and heat resistance are extremely excellent in general-purpose plastics, and it is a widely used material.

Material color:

Beige, black, gray


Not easy to deform, good flatness, good toughness, impact resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, high mechanical strength, good insulation, good processing, good strength, surface gloss


Automobiles, transmission parts, wear-resistant parts, building materials, electronic parts, machinery, architectural models...

Product specifications:

Thickness (Unit:mm)Size (Unit:mm)Remark
1.0mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmsheet
1.5mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmsheet
2mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmsheet
2.5mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmsheet
3mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
4mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
5mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
6mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
8mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
10mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
12mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
15mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
20mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
25mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
30mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
35mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
40mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
45mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
50mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
60mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
70mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
80mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
90mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate
100mm600*1200mm / 1000*2000mmThick plate

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