Acrylic products

Woei Chern specializes in manufacturing acrylic products; acrylic products are hard and rigid, highly transparent, heat resistance and does not deform easily, low water absorption, strong weather resistance, easy processing characteristics, and can be processed on behalf of customers.

  • Boxes, Lucky draw boxes, Storage boxes

  • Showcase

  • Display rack, Bathroom racks

  • Special processed products

Material scientific name:


poly(methyl methacrylate)(PMMA)

Product Category:

Display cabinets, High end display cabinets, Billboards, Panels, Model display boxes, Light boxes, Custom boxes...


Acrylic is also known as Plexiglass. Is widely used in decoration, and is easy to process. It is often used to replace glass.

Material color:

Transparent and can be customized in many colors.


High transparency, easy to process, a good glass substitute ...


Used in decoration, construction, advertising, home furnishing, public displays, articles for daily use ...

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Our materials are widely used in automobile industry, food industry, electronic motor, aerospace industry, defense industry, construction and decoration industry, machinery industry, chemical industry, automation industry, medical industry, shipbuilding industry...

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