POM plastic steel


  • 滑軌

POM (Polyoxymethylene), also known as acetal or polyacetal, is an engineering plastic with excellent physical and chemical properties, suitable for a variety of applications. Below is a bullet-point list of the main application areas of POM:

  1. Automotive Industry:
    • Interior components such as door handles, switches, and controls
    • Engine parts like fuel injectors, valve seats, etc.
    • Mechanical components inside the vehicle such as gears, bearings, etc.
  2. Electronics:
    • Electronic components like sockets, connectors, etc.
    • Components for handheld devices such as phone buttons, camera parts, etc.
    • Electrical insulation materials such as plugs, switches, etc.
  3. Industrial Manufacturing:
    • Mechanical parts like gears, screws, nuts, etc.
    • Fluid handling equipment such as valves, pump bodies, etc.
    • Alternative materials for high-load applications like gears and bearings.
  4. Sports and Leisure Goods:
    • Sports equipment like bicycle parts, roller skate wheels, etc.
    • Outdoor gear such as tent accessories, zipper pulleys, etc.
  5. Medical Devices:
    • Surgical instruments such as forceps, scissors, etc.
    • Components for medical equipment like pumps, valves, etc.
  6. Other Applications:
    • Household items like zippers, handles, buckles, etc.
    • Toys and models such as plastic model components, mechanical toys, etc.

POM is widely used in these applications due to its high strength, hardness, wear resistance, and chemical stability.

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