Taichung Flower Expo -Eternal blooming mechanical flowers - LuxuryLogico

"Listen to: The Sound Of Blooming"

Located in the Taichung Flower Expo, it is the largest mechanical flower in the world.

The world-class masterpiece "Listen to The Sound Of Blooming"!

LuxuryLogico Team

The team of LuxuryLogico Machinery completed the world-class masterpiece in just 8 months. At the 2018 Taichung World Flower Expo (Taichung Flower Expo)

A masterful combination of machinery and art

The art installation, with a length, width and height of 15 meters, is nearly 5 stories tall. Each flower is a unit. The device is composed of 697 fiery red mechanical flower units. The system was built with the following components:

■ A Truss System as its backbone

■ Mechanical Motors

■ Lighting and sound system

■ 250 pieces , with 75 component parts

Perfect blooming red flowers

Woei Chern Enterprise Co., Ltd. and the team members of LuxuryLogico Machinery have jointly developed the required fiberglass PE rods. After many modifications, various difficulties were overcome, and problems were solved to complete a skeleton that could withstand the sun, the wind and a thousand times of bending. The red flowers were perfectly stable, and were able to bloom without any problems!

Woei Chern Enterprise Co., Ltd. is very honored to have been part of the production of such a world-class work of art that represent the symbol of Taiwan!