Thermal casing

Woei Chern specializes in manufacturing heat shrinkable tubing; these tubes provide good insulation, are voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and are flame retardant.

  • Wire terminal protection

  • Resistor, capacitor, etc. protection

Size(mm) Size before shrinking (mm) Size after shrinking (mm) Number of meters (M) Remark
1.0mm 1.4mm ± 0.2 0.50mm 200M
1.5mm 2.0mm ± 0.2 0.75mm 200M
2.0mm 2.5mm ± 0.2 1.00mm 200M
2.5mm 3.0mm ± 0.2 1.25mm 200M
3.0mm 3.5mm ± 0.3 1.50mm 200M
3.5mm 4.0mm ± 0.3 1.75mm 200M
4.0mm 4.5mm ± 0.3 2.00mm 200M
5.0mm 5.4mm ± 0.3 2.50mm 100M
6.0mm 6.4mm ± 0.4 3.00mm 100M
7.0mm 7.4mm ± 0.4 3.50mm 50M
8.0mm 8.4mm ± 0.4 4.00mm 50M
9.0mm 9.4mm ± 0.4 4.50mm 50M
10mm 10.4mm ± 0.4 5.00mm 50M
11mm 11.4mm ± 0.4 5.50mm 50M
12mm 12.4mm ± 0.4 6.00mm 50M
13mm 13.5mm ± 0.4 6.50mm 50M
14mm 14.5mm ± 0.4 7.00mm 50M
15mm 15.5mm ± 0.5 7.50mm 50M
16mm 16.8mm ± 0.5 8.00mm 50M
18mm 18.7mm ± 0.5 9.00mm 50M
20mm 21.2mm ± 0.6 10.00mm 50M
22mm 23.2mm ± 0.6 11.00mm 50M
25mm 26.1mm ± 0.8 12.50mm 50M
28mm 29.0mm ± 1.0 14.00mm 50M
30mm 32.0mm ± 1.0 15.00mm 50M
30mm or more 50M Special specifications

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Our materials are widely used in automobile industry, food industry, electronic motor, aerospace industry, defense industry, construction and decoration industry, machinery industry, chemical industry, automation industry, medical industry, shipbuilding industry...

With 30 years of rich experience and professional material knowledge, the head office is located in New Taipei City, and the production plant is located in Kaohsiung City.

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