Paper Bakelite

Weichen specializes in manufacturing paper bakelite; good insulation, non-conductive, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy processing characteristics, valet processing.

  • Switchboard

  • Fixtures

  • Partitions, Pads

  • Bakelite

  • Insulation board

  • Washers / O-rings

Bakelite is the most common type of industrial laminate, phenolic laminated Bakelite

Acid resistance, temperature resistance of 120 degrees, good mechanical strength, high-quality insulating material

Processing methods:

Can be used in the Milling machine process, lathe process, grinding process, drilling, sawing machine, stamping... overall easy to work with material.

Large quantities can be customized.


Fixtures, mold parts, inspection fixtures

Used in everyday products: ex: combs (anti-static comb), socket parts, switch, lamp holder

Parts: transformer box, automobile and motorcycle parts, hydraulic press, air compressor, motor

Various equipment: Ultrasonic equipment use, bottom plate

Specification Table

Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Remark
0.5mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
0.6mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
0.8mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
1.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
1.2mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
1.5mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
1.6mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
2.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
2.5mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 sheet
3.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
4.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
5.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
6.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
8.0mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
10mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
12mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
15mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
16mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
20mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
25mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
30mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
35mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
40mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
45mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
50mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plate
Above 50mm 1020*1020 / 1020*1220 Thick plates / special specifications need to be customized

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